All About Angus

AngusPride® – premium beef a century in the making

If you've ever sat down to a well-cooked Angus steak, like a perfectly grilled AngusPride rib eye or pan-seared sirloin, there's no doubt you're already familiar with the superior quality of Angus beef. But have you ever wondered why Angus beef tastes better, or where the Angus breed comes from? Oddly enough, the Angus beef you enjoy today has a heritage tracing back to both the American heartland and the green fields of Scotland.

The Angus breed of cattle originated in Scotland, but it was George Grant of Victoria, Kan., who brought the breed stateside in 1873 and crossbred them with Texas longhorn stock to produce cattle that weathered the harsh prairie winters well and maintained size into the spring. This resulted in better-marbled beef, which typically translates to better flavor.

As a unique breed of cattle, Angus has become the revered beef of choice for those who appreciate quality. AngusPride takes Angus beef to another level of selectivity – graded USDA Choice, our beef comes from only the Best Choice Angus, is grain-fed and hand-selected for optimal marbling, and possesses a flavor and tenderness that simply can't be found anywhere else. All great reasons why AngusPride is the choice beef lovers make.