Roasting Tips

Get the most from your roast.

Many people are frightened when faced with a large "hunk" of meat, otherwise known as a roast. While steaks and hamburgers are being eaten in record numbers, the old standby of the Sunday roast has fallen a bit out of favor. Fear not: With AngusPride® premium beef, new flavors, new cooking methods and lean cuts of beef all contribute to a meal that will bring your family back to the table.

Which cuts can I roast?


Roasts from the tenderloin, as the name implies, are as tender as butter and hold up well to more flavorful recipes. The key is to choose a recipe that balances robust flavor with the natural tenderness of the cut without detracting from it.

The beef round

Beef round roasts, including the eye round, bottom round, tip sirloin and top round roasts, are flavorful and lean. Because of their leanness, beef round roasts should be cooked no further than medium-rare (145°F, or 63°C).

Pot roasts

This is probably the roast you remember grandma fixing on Sundays. Pot roasts aren't actually roasted but rather braised, and they include incredibly flavorful cuts like chuck shoulder and top blade roasts. They're great for slow cookers.